Cint survey panel T&C´s

When filing the above form you will subscribe the surveys panel with Cint AB. Shortly after filling up the above questionnaire, you will receive an email with your username and temporary password. With these data you may access your account, see and modify your personal data, and consult your earnings as specified below.

As a member in panel you accept to receive per email surveys where we, Cint AB, will ask about your opinion. The questions are about your opinion as a consumer. You choose how many and which surveys you would like to participate in and you can at any time terminate your panel membership. We pay for your time. Every time you participate in one of our surveys we will pay you – normally between 50p and £3 (or Euro 0,50 and Euro 3) depending on the length of the interview.

When you have filled out the information about yourself above and chosen a password you will shortly be able to login to your personal account, where you can see how much money you have earned by participating in our surveys and your personal information. When your account exceeds £4 (or Euro 4) you can request for a transfer of the money to PayPal, from where you can buy products on the Internet at participating outlets or transfer to your bank account.

Personal data protection. All surveys are in appliance with EU regulations about the collecting, handling of personal data and ESOMAR ( guidelines and code of conduct. ESOMAR is an international organization founded in 1948 in order to suggest and promote best practices in the survey activity. The personal information you will fill out in the surveys will be collected by Cint AB, and only bewill be used only by Cint AB for market research purposes: and your e-mail and other personal data that are referred to your person will never be spread to third parties. Cint AB will aggregate the answers given by the various users, and put them anonymously in survey results to be presented to its customers.

If you don’t want to participate in our surveys you can at all times log on to your personal account and click on “terminate membership”. Your membership will then immediately end and all the data related to your person will be permanently erased. If you experience any problems with a survey or with the login to your personal account, please send an email to us. Please include a screen dump or a copy of any error messages plus your operative system and browser. Write to contact(at) or mail us at our ordinary address:

Cint AB
Head Office
Sveavägen 20, 6tr
SE-111 57 Stockholm

ad pepper media contact details are:
or mail us at our ordinary address:
ad pepper media SA
Hauptplatz 8
CH-6403 Küssnacht am Rigi
phone: +41 (0) 41 8502286
fax: +41 (0) 41 8502289

Email marketing with ad pepper media

Should you have ticked the “email marketing” box above [it shall be a box, with “I accept to receive email marketing communications with ad pepper media”] you also accept to receive from ad pepper media SA Switzerland and its affiliates email marketing communications.

Ad Pepper media will store your data in a different database as Cint’s and only your personal data contained in the above form. Ad Pepper media will not collect any of the data you will fill in the surveys Cint will send you in the future and will not participate, or have any interest, in such surveys. ad pepper media will treat your data in appliance with EU regulations about the collecting and handling of personal data.

If you don’t want to receive any longer advertising emails from ad pepper media you can at all times click on the link on the bottom of each email and deregister from the database. Your membership will then immediately end and all the data related to your personwill be permanently erased. You may also send an email to specifying your email address and full name, where you ask to be deleted and state you do not want to receive any further marketing communications. Please note that deregistering from the Cint Database does not imply your automatic deletion also from the ad pepper media database and vice-versa.

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